About us

Ecodesign & interiors offer sustainable interior solutions and design concepts with style and elegance for the Scandinavian and European market.

We currently have one office in Sweden and one in Spain.


We believe that design and consumption needs to take a responsibility while delivering amazing results. 

To be surrounded by beauty makes us feel good and by working with interiors we can create an environment that stimulates our sense of pleasure whilst considering which type of materials used and how products are made.  

We do this by thoughtful:

  • Research
  • Planning & design selection
  • Choice of materials
  • Production process
  • Carbon footprint
  • Sustainability
  • Recycling or upcycling

Maria Östensson who runs the company is a multiskilled artist and designer with a long international career in interiors, fashion, textile and art. She passionately cares for the environment and her expertise is grounded with a deep love for the aesthetic and visuell expression.

During many years she was responsible for interiors at the best fairs in Europe like Masion de objet in Paris & Salone de Mobile in Milano. She initially trained as a fashion and textile designer in London and while working in that trade her awareness of design and sustainability grew. After 20 active years in the european market and with all the expertise and love for the aesthetic expression combined with environmental responsibility she started this company.

We collaborate with many different trade specialists, and always seek to work with the best.

Norma Marrugat is responsible for our studio in Barcelona and has many years of experience of working with art, creativity and natural materials. She has also worked with film, TV and other media productions and has an eye for details both behind the camera as well as any styling and decoration commission.

We are very happy to have Norma on our team and she is a pure and vibrant person with love for the aesthetic expression.